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Diagnostic Services

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The diagnostic services provided by Performance Horse Doc Veterinary Services are focused on dealing with medical and surgical conditions resulting in poor performance of the equine athlete. Most commonly, the condition involves some degree of lameness however in some cases, “poor” performance may not be associated with lameness but rather due to respiratory disease, cardio-pulmonary disease or metabolic disease.  In these types of cases, Dr. Porter combines his specialty training in large animal internal medicine with diagnostic tools such as gastroscopy, endoscopy, ultrasound and radiology to discern the cause of the discomfort.   


In addition to evaluating horses for the complaint of poor performance, Dr. Porter regularly performs prepurchase exams (PPE) on horses of all disciplines. These thorough exams involve communication with purchaser about intended use and goals, physical and lameness evaluations with potential use of our diagnostic imaging equipment. The goal is to match the horse with the buyer. 

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